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110944_D_0675We are not sure about this, so take it with a grain of salt!

ABC 4 News is reporting that Joe Jonas and Camp Rock 2 co-star Demi Lovato may be dating both on screen and off.

The news outlet is reporting that both Joe and Demi went on a “double-date” with Kevin Jonas and fiance Danielle Deleasa – Though we guess they could have all been hanging out as friends!

A source told ABC 4 News that “They are more than just friends.”

Although we had also listened that Demi was in a kinship with photographer Dirk Mai.



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joe_jonas1JOE JONAS has moved on after his burst from actress CAMILLA BELLE – the pop star is reportedly dating CAMP ROCK co-star DEMI LOVATO.
The Disney sensations arose close after seeming in the musical last year (08) and they are planned to share a movie set again when Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam goes before cameras.
Nevertheless, the pair is bruited have more than a work relationship.
Joe, 20, publicly exhibited his philia for 17-year-old Lovato earlier this month (05Oct09) on a double date at a Toronto, Canada restaurant with older brother Kevin and his fiancee Danielle Deleasa.
A source says, “They are more than just friends.”
Belle and Jonas, who previously romanced Taylor Swift, ended their romance in July (09).


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jonas-brosJohn Vlautin, vice president of communications for Live Nation, contacted TicketNews after deadline, around 5 p.m. on October 13. He credited the Jonas Brothers concert listings on the company’s site to an “employee error” but denied to reply additional questions about the position.

A couple weeks ago, fans of Jonas Brothers were overjoyed to see 11 seemingly affirmed tour dates pop up on Live Nation for their favorite sibling trio, complete with presale and public onsale times. However, the pop sensations latterly stepped forward to say they have no such tour plans whatsoever.

In a befuddling turn of events, brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick said that there would be no Christmas tour, though event pages created by Live Nation would seem to suggest otherwise. The Jonas Brothers statement stopped short, though, of denying that a tour had been in the works.

“It has come to our care that dates for a potential December concert tour somehow detected their way onto the internet. Due to programming emerges we are sorry to inform you that this won’t be possible,” the sibling trio said in a statement on their official fan club Web site. “We look forward to a wonderful touring season in 2010.”

The sibling trio continued, “At this point we have no particular events designed and no plans for any… If that changes we will of course include the fan club. So we’ll keep you posted there.”

A spokesperson for Live Nation did not respond to requests for comment.

In late September, TicketNews reported that dates for a Jonas Brothers tour seemingly leaked from Live Nation. Though the 11 announced “12 Days of Christmas Tour” dates were rapidly pulled from Live Nation’s concert directory, they could still be accessed through a simple Google search.

It seems that Live Nation not only jumped the gun in encouraging the concert on its own site, but elsewhere on the Internet as well. Dates for the “12 Days of Christmas Tour” are listed on the popular music community, where they are marked as having been “Imported by Live Nation” rather than added by an unverified source. The event pages, searchable on the site, also admit direct links back to Live Nation’s now-defunct Jonas Brothers concert listings to buy tickets.

The date-pull is an especially strange mix-up for Live Nation, considering the company holds a long-term touring deal with Jonas Brothers. The deal, signed into effect for late January 2008, was expected to span at least two years and more than 140 concerts around the world. Since the deal is still standing, it seems that Live Nation would be the first to know — and accurately confirm — any touring plans for the trio.


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jonas_brothers3Truth be told, the Jonas Brothers did not have to do a lot of anything for the crowd to shriek with exaltation Friday night at Mohegan Sun, and they knew it.

“You guys will screech at anything!” Joe Jonas mentioned during the first of three shows at the casino (the other two are Saturday at 3 and 7:30 p.m.).

All the same, the trio worked to earn the adulation, roaming around the stage, mugging for fans and emerging a steady stream of standard-issue concert banter.

If you were not a tween girl overcome with the delirium of seeing your pop crushes in person, though, the show got off to a slow start.

The energy felt queerly flat for the first half of the 75-minute concert, as if the trio (which played with a 10-piece band) couldn’t silence settle into a rhythm on bright pop songs with catchy hooks — and more than a little audience assistance in singing them.

A few technical glitches didn’t help, either. Nick Jonas microphone never appeared loud enough, for starters. Worse, when it came time to play a song on a baby grand piano, the instrument was not hearable at all.

While he and a pair of techs played with the piano, which never did end up working, Joe Jonas stalled for time by bringing up a fan to help the brothers sing a song — except that neither Joe nor brother Kevin, or the band, could quite remember how the intended tune, “Leave It On the Line,” went.

finally, they moved on with a sure-fire crowd pleaser, “Year 3000.”

A few songs later, the band at last clicked when Nick Jonas took over on drums for “Video Girl,” a punchy pop song adorned with strings and horns.


From then on, the brothers looked like they were having as much fun as the crowd, casting in a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” for the parents and showing a funkier side of their wholesome pop on “World War III,” which featured the added bonus of Joe Jonas shedding his shirt to reveal a blue tank top and buff arms that were cause for additional screaming.

After the lovelorn ballad, “Lovebug,” anchored by Nick Jonas picking out an accompaniment on acoustic guitar, the band finished the main set with “S.O.S.” before returning for a two-song encore.

The first, “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” layered strings and gooey, soaring synthesizer over an acoustic guitar. The second, the funk-laced rocker “Burnin’ Up,” ended the show on an upbeat note with steamy wah-wah guitar riffs and, of course, more screaming.


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joe_jonasJoe Jonas has accepted that acquiring how to cook has been a “really exciting” feel.

The 20-year-old explained that he has been analyzing how to cook food in between filming new Jonas Brothers movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

“I want to make a pasta – that’s our next goal,” he told Just Jared. “I am excited – I am going to make it tomorrow night probably. I think it’s going to be merriment.

“I made fish tacos and that was a big hit – it was the first time I’d cooked for more than myself and people kind of grossed out, they loved it!”

The star added: “It was really exciting for me so that was really cool to see that they liked it.”


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jonas_brothers2The Jonas Brothers may be looking to lose their squeaky clean image, for one night at least.

Kevin, 21, is gearing up for his marriage with fiancee Danielle Deleasa and his younger siblings are determined to send him off in style.

Joe and Nick are designing “something crazy” for the stag do, contempt protestations from the groom-to-be.

“Kevin keeps attempting to plan his own bachelor party, and that’s not going to take place,”

19-year-old Joe told CTV’s etalk, adding: “So we are going to figure out the correct place and have fun and it’s going to be a well time.”

No further details of the planned shenanigans were disclosed, but it appears clubs of a sort will be a no go.

Joe explained: “(Kevin) wants to do golfing but that just seems a little too normal. We have to do something outrageous and fun. Something crazy.”


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jonas_brothers1In a recent interview with “Popstar!” The Jonas Brothers talked about their competitiveness. Joe explicated that Nick’s wildness comes out when he is performing on stage, the same as it does when he is playing sports like tennis or baseball. Nick agreed and added, “I become superhuman when it comes to competition.”

Nick then went on to say that it didn’t truly matter what sport he was playing because he is the better at everything! He claimed, “Any sort of sport, if I want to win, all of a sudden I can just do anything. At the Disney Channel Games, we desired to win so I just started pushing this competition we had to do and it’s just so fun. I’m competitive at everything in life. Anything I can win at.”

Like Nick, Joe is also very competitive. He said, “When it gets to it, I just want to win.” Joe also accepted that Kevin has all the brains in the family. “Kevin is the smartest for sure, he brings the smarts to the table,” Joe said.

So how did the three brothers fair in a recent wiffle ball game with Selena, Demi and Miley? While Kevin claimed he didn’t take the game seriously “because they are girls,” Nick was slightly more critical. He jokingly said, “Selena’s not a very good pitcher, but its fine.” Joe, always the good sport, defended his former teammate. “I’m so proud of her!” he shouted.

Jonas Brothers pump up crowd with surprise appearance at We Day event

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Youth WE Day 20091005 TOPIXTORONTO — The Jonas Brothers brought thousands of screaming teens to their feet with a surprise execution at an event in Toronto called We Day.

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas were first gone through on a taped message on the big screen, only to step out on stage moments later to execute live to throngs of exuberant fans.

A figured 16,000 student leaders were at the Air Canada Centre on Monday for the youth empowerment event organized by Free The Children.

We Day featured an all-star roster of activists, speakers and performers and is an annual event aimed at celebrating the power of young people to change the world.

Former prime minister Paul Martin, environmental activist Robert Kennedy, Jr. and musical newcomer Justin Bieber were among those on hand.

Monday’s We Day event follows a similar event staged in Vancouver last week where the lineup included the Dalai Lama and singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.

I am speechless. I have caught the JoBros lovebug

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Pop Culture Confessional is a weekly column where our writers can divulge and indulge in their most profoundly obstructing cultural passion — and then tell you why it really rocks. everybody has a few dirty little mysteries. Only the truth shall set us free.

Yes, I am a fan. A big one in fact. So big that I stood next to the stage at their World Tour stop in Chicago this summer. My altogether normal, straight compulsion with the JoBros — or more dearly, the BroJ’s — kindled its fire around the first time I heard “S.O.S.” on the radio. It was, and still is, infective to the core. I challenge those pious haters who pout at the first utterance of the Jonas Brothers to listen to just one minute of this song. It’s nearly unacceptable not to be sucked in. That being said, I am aware that my level of fandom exceeds normal levels. And I don’t know why.

As hormonal tweens texted into the concert screen phrases like, “SCREAM IF U LUV NICK” and “SCREAM IF U LUV JONERS,” Allstate Arena burst into shrieks of epic proportions. Just as the hair follicles in my inner ear were shattering, I understood I was trampling water in a sea of 20,000 horny tweens. I won’t lie — it was unusual to think that as I was preparing for college, the majority of the stadium was preparing for junior high — or third grade. For the first time in my life, a less than average 5’4” was an wholly passable height for looking out the concert. In front of me, a tramp-stamped mom held up her kid to grab Kevin’s crotch. Behind me, a 12-year-old let out a shriek that reminded me of Janet Leigh in Psycho. And there I was, with my two friends, 18 years old and just as crazy. I knew this was weird.

But I don’t care. Because they are awesome.

Maybe the Jonai are truly a God-fearing, purity ring-swearing, Louis Vuitton-wearing boy band. Or maybe they are smart businessmen capitalizing on their image and the raging hormones of pubescent girls. And me. The recently engaged Kevin told Rolling Stone in June, “We have an operation around us that we run.” That kind of rhetoric makes one question the genuineness of their image. Maybe they are just riding this wave of preteen obsession and milking it for all it’s worth because the truth is, the band has done little to pull a different demographic. This could be viewed as complacency, or a smart business move.

Or it could be true prowess. It’s possible that all the music orchestrated by the multi-talented Nick, or Mr. President as his brothers call him, is in fact the true craft of a musical family. The band has been writing since 2005, with each album arising in musical and lyrical complexity. I am not saying they are Sondheim, but JB has certainly matured artistically. The fact that they are unconcerned with who their audience is could be interpreted as a true love for their music, no matter who listens.

But that is rather high-minded. Over the head of the kid being held up in front of me, I grabbed a glimpse of a silver band on each of the boys’ ring fingers — undoubtedly the famed purity ring. In interviews, in which the Jonai are necessarily asked about them, it is hard to notice any artful tone in their voices. After all, their father is an evangelical minister. So isn’t it equally possible that Nick, Joe and Kevin are in fact the wonderful role models thousands of parents expect them to be? Isn’t it possible that the boys are 100 percent authentic in their image and are simply caught up in the game of pubescent mania. Nick is only 16 and, after dipping his hand in the Disney pot, could be looking for love out in one of those arenas.

When Joe, in concert, grabs a mega-SuperSoaker and shoots foam out over the faces of feverish girls, how do you spin that? A nuanced performance tacked with subliminal messaging? Or simply an interactive performance that is fun and not too messy? I can’t doubt that the Jonas clan knew the implications of their performance — they are teenage boys after all. But what does it all really mean? I may just have to ask Nick when he starts actually attending Northwestern (I’m already freaking out).

The truth is, however, I don’t care if they’re real or fake. I’m mildly obsessed with them, and proud of it. Excuse me while I squeal with the rest of the preteens.

Kevin Jonas asks fiancee Danielle Deleasa to sign an iron-clad pre-nup

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57678643A Jonas brother is becoming to the chapel—but not with out a pre-nup.

Much to the dismay of teen girls all over, Kevin Jonas, 21, the oldest of the pop star trio, the Jonas Brothers, is even set to marry his longtime sweetheart, Danielle Deleasa—after she signs an iron-clad pre-nup, describes In Touch Weekly.

The boy band member has no question that it’s the literal thing, say insiders, but that does not mean he is in any hasten.

“Kevin sees Danielle as his soulmate, and he is very religious person, so he is not big on divorce. Nonetheless, he has millions to protect,” a source said.

Possible terms for the legal document have not yet been affirmed and both sides are staying so closemouthed, they won’t even confirm that a pre-nup is under discussion.

Jonas proposed to Deleasa on July 1 at her home, after overhearing a red-eye flight from a concert in Canada. The singer, known for hits like “Mandy” and “Burning Up,” proposed with a cushion cut diamond ring he had personally designed with the help of jewelry designer Jacob & Co.

The native Jersey girl and Jonas gathered while their families were on vacation in the Bahamas in May 2007.

Since then, there has been plenty of surmisal about when and where the wedding will take place, with most sources saying it’s held to go on either this winter or spring 2010 in the Bahamas.

Jonas has already declared that both of his younger brothers, Joe and Nick, will serve as his groomsmen.

But don’t expect any wild bachelor parties.

The notoriously clean cut trio has said the bachelor party for Kevin will be low-key, and among friends and family.

“It will be good, clean fun. We’re going to have a good time with friends and family,” Nick Jonas, 17, told

Added 20-year-old Joe Jonas, “It won’t be in Vegas. Vegas is not really the ideal place. We are thinking somewhere even cooler and better.”

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