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jonas-brothers5Remember when Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers is going solo ?? That was let out by Denise Jonas, the Jonas Brothers mummy. Now she has something else to tell. She said to People about Kevin’s fiancee, Danielle Deleasa!

“I really think she is the right girl,” says Denise.

She seemingly told Kevin, “You are marrying your mother – but she is just thinner and prettier.”

She says that Danielle has been consented by the whole family, admitting the youngest Jonas, Frankie: “He really loves her and is proud of her.. He already acts like a little brother [to her].”

She seems like a nice mom!


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nick-jonasIt was just a matter of time until one of the Jonas Brothers made up one’s mind he is the Beyoncé of the group and we are glad it’s Nick Jonas.

The young one affirmed today that, about six months ago, he started working on a side project in Nashville with four musicians not named Jonas.

Hence, the debut album from Nick Jonas & The Administration is due out sometime next year.

(Sounds like Nick is taking his nickname Mr. President a little too seriously but when you are a little millionaire at the age of 17, you can do whatever you want.)

The admission from Nick puts to rest the meditation that the teen was branching out on his own and comes hours after Mama Jonas spilled the beans.

Earlier today, Parade magazine freed quotes from its Sunday issue in which Denise Jonas says, “Nick is bringing on a solo act-it’s called Nick Jonas and The Administration. Shhh! He is at the photo shoot for the album cover right now.”

Naturally, the question stayed, would this mean the end of the JoBros?

Scarcely, according to the heartthrobby trio.

Ticking off their points of give-and-take one by one, Joe, Nick and Kevin (or whoever does their blogging) wrote on their website today that “The Jonas Brothers are NOT breaking up!” as well as “We are ALL excited about this project AND what we are doing TOGETHER!” and “We plan to make music together for as long as we can.”

“A three chord strand is not easily broken”, read another message from Joe and Kevin, “and one thing’s for sure…this three chord strand is stronger now than it’s ever been.”

They are also designing another world tour for next summer, which is a relief, but still…

“This project would only expand the Jonas brand,” a source reassured E! News. But fortify the brand like how Justin Timberlake breaking out on his own helped *NSYNC?

“The music is awesome and in truth shows off Nick’s vocal range,” the source added.

In the interim this will give Kevin enough of time to get married and Joe can, uh, what’s he got going on? Oh, right! He’s maybe romancing Demi Lovato. See, everyone wins!


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58740761This year, Joe Jonas ceased straightening his hair, a life selection we approved of as soon as we pointed out it. We loved him going au naturale and embracing his hair’s natural curl (a move all his brothers had already been doing). Still, with his new do, we are crushing even more difficult on the 20-year-old pop star.

Joe is rocking a new shorter haircut. We are calling it babelicious. The messy shorter hairstyle is likely the most mature and most beautiful way the singer has worn his hair yet.

Although the other two Jonas Brothers have yet to tweet about Joe’s latest style choice (although they did remember to tweet about their show in the Dominican Republic, the Yankees victory and wrapping up “Camp Rock 2”), we do remember fondly an interview we did with Joe and his brothers over the summer where Kevin in short affected upon his brother’s decision to change his hair from his once signature pin-straight locks.

“You know what happened?” eldest brother, Kevin explained to MTV News. “One day he went to the beach and just like the salt water I think it messed up your hair because it all of a fulminant became curly.”

So, what happened this time? Did he walk into some hedge clippers and suddenly have shorter hair?

What do you think? Is Joe’s new, shorter hair a step in the right direction, or do you miss his curly locks?


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joe_jonas2Joe Jonas has lifelike ability to make the ladies faint, but things neared X-rated at a concert in Connecticut when the singer’s pants malfunction.

The 20-year-old faced a wardrobe malfunction while executing, reports It wasn’t until the button holding his pants popped midway through the band’s performance, leaving Joe a bit “red-faced”.

Joe Jonas who normally works out before a show to keep up with the high energy on the stage unquestionably wasn’t trained to bare all to his lady fans.

“Things went from bad to worse when his fly unravelled, forcing him to hold his trousers up with one hand and croon into his mic with the other,” the report said before a stagehand finally came to the rescue with a paper clip, leaving fans with nothing more than what was rehearsed.

Jonas, recently spotted running for a Cure with brother Nick, is a fitness buff. He is often seen working out at his gym in L.A. and refueling before and after workouts with smoothies and shakes.

“Joe’s an exercise addict,” blogs Seventeen magazine. “Especially on the road. He makes sure he works out before every show and does it with one of their security guys, who he calls “The Commish.”

Of his security workout buddy, Joe told Seventeen, “He’s really ripped and in very good condition. I like to go running, so he usually goes with me and always pushes me to the limit.”

When he’s not pumping out cardio, Joe also lefts weights and relies on resistance training to sculpt his most, fan-favored assets like his abs and biceps.

“He says working out before a show gets him pumped for the performance — if you’ve ever seen the Jonas Brothers in concert, you know it works. Their shows are as high energy as it gets,” says the mag.


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jonas-brothers4In a recent interview Chelsea Staub shed the dirt on how she tells the Jonas Brothers apart. Here’s what she had to say:

NICK: “He is 16, and he is definitely the brains behind the band. He is the little brother, but he is in charge of it all and he writes pretty much all of the music.

He unquestionably has ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is, Nick’s got it. He plays drums and keyboard and guitar and writes and does all of it well. So he’s definitely the musical one in that family.”

JOE: “He is just the entertainer. He is a goofball on and off set. He’s invariably pulling pranks and getting us into trouble and he’s great when he’s on stage. He really sells it.”

KEVIN: “He should be a salesperson. He’s really easy to talk to, always dresses to the nines, and is emphatically the manager of the band. He keeps everybody in check.”

If someone asked you to describe the JoBros, how would you explain how to tell them apart?


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jonasbrosAlways curios what the Jonas Brothers mom must be thinking these days as her boys deal with megastardom?

Turns out she is conceiving about some of the same things we “regular” moms are – how to keep the clan close, which battles to wage with the kids and which to blank out and so on.

Denise Jones is set to speak at an iMom event at a Brooklyn school on Friday, Oct. 23. The nonprofit organization iMom provides support for moms in school and online. The organization has monthly events called iMom Morning, at 350 public schools across the nation.

Here is some of her advice, some personal principles she is acquired on her own:

1. Put in the rug time. “I called our family’s spontaneous father-and-sons games “rug time” or “rearranging the living room without license.” But without a word, the boys and their dad called it love. I learned that no carpet or piece of furniture is worth more than bonding that happens in the rug time.”

2. Cook when you can. “Life on the road wreaks havoc on kitchen togetherness but I love to cook and I’ve learned to do it as much as I can. Something’s very comforting about eating food mom cooks.”

3. Never mind the hair. “Moms also  know this lesson as ‘choose your battles.’ As issues come up, I’ve learned to weigh each for its big-picture significance and adjust my response. Some things, like a  teenager’s hair, I let go.”

4. Buy the drums. “Your daughter wants to play softball? Find a team. Your son wants to sing? Encourage it. Someone’s good at drawing? Quick: paper and colors. At times you have to study your kids. Other times their gifts hit you full force. Whatever the case, give them a chance — then stand back and give them room.”

5. Celebrate the wrinkle cream. “In a store once, I saw a wrinkle cream and mentioned it to the boys that I like it. Next Mother’s Day, I’m unwrapping the wrinkle cream and felt like crying! But the sweet thing is, my sons had heard me and wanted to please me.”

6. Trust the detours. First the news of Nick’s diabetes brought shock. Then we responded as a family. We learned about diabetes, followed the guidelines and stayed the course — and our eyes opened to others with health issues. Bad news has been a back door blessing.”

7. Stay grateful. “With privilege comes responsibility and we’re grateful for all of it. Yes, everything. Our flight is held up? We’re grateful to be going. Our hotel reservation is one room short?  We’ll sleep on the floor. Life isn’t perfect, but in every circumstance, our job is to manage our response.”

8. Sit close, hug often. “Our family speaks the language of hugs and we speak it liberally. I’ve learned that when words aren’t enough, holding my child says volumes. Kids outgrow laps but never hugs.”

9. Set internal pillars. “The world presses in with schedules, expectations and exhaustion. How my children withstand that has everything to do with what’s inside them. We don’t just assume our kids will pick up good inner structures such as honor, self-respect, honesty and kindness. We talk about these things and praise our kids when those qualities show.”

10. Be the mom. “My kids don’t need me to be a buddy, a sidekick or a maid: They need me to be a mom. Kids need a mom to set limits, set the example and set out what they can be and do. Anyone can be a friend. Only the mom can be the mom. That’s the highest calling — a a big reason I’m big on iMom.”


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joe-jonasA Jonas Brothers concert in Connecticut nearly turned X-rated for young fans after heartthrob Joe Jonas endured a wardrobe malfunction onstage.

The 20 year old was left red-faced when a button holding his pants together popped out midway through the band’s performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino. He scampered over to the side of the stage and someone handed him a paperclip.

Things went from bad to worse when his fly unravelled, forcing him to hold his trousers up with one hand and croon into his mic with the other. A stagehand finally dispensed with his blushes by handing him a clip to keep his costume intact.

A source says, “He scurried over to the side of the stage and someone handed him a paperclip. He looped in through the button hole and stitched up the fly onstage while (bandmates and brothers) Nick and Kevin distracted the crowd”.


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jonas-brothers3So You Think You Can Dance season 4 finalist Courtney Galiano has popped up in a new comedy video from The Jonas Brothers. Galiano and the Jonas Brothers tweeted about the video “Bounce” and it was posted on the JoBros official Youtube page. The video features Galiano as a neon-clad back-up dancer wearing some glassless frames that fellow season 4 finalist Twitch would graceful.

courtney-galianoGaliano is not the only guest star featured in the music video, Disney star Demi Lovato also makes a cameo as a rapper. Sadly Galiano doesn’t do any of her redolent solo work that got her to the So You Think You Can Dance finale in the first place, but there are a couple of sick breakers featured in the video. It’s good for a laugh and always wonderful to check in with So You Think You Can Dance alumni.


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jonas_brothers4OMJ!  Jonas Brothers never let down when it comes to making their fans laugh and the most recent YouTube video is proof of that.  In between taping their hit Disney show Jonas, doing to sold out arenas and aiding their brother Kevin Jonas get wedding contingents in order, The Jonas Brothers detected time to make an all new, outrageously funny new YouTube video.  After viewing the new video Bounce, you will never look at Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Demi Lovato the same ever again!

The Jonas Brothers left us with a treat this weekend when they posted their new homemade video titled Bounce starring the boys and their bestie Demi Lovato.  Like always, we are furnished speechless after viewing this over the top spoof rap.  Somewhat unrecognizable, Nick Jonas leads the pack wearing over-sized aviators and a super sweet 70’s style mustache.   If you have difficulty picking Nick out, you will never spot Joe Jonas who is wearing an American flag getup and a super long wig.

jb_bounce1Disney sweetheart Demi Lovato is presenting her amazing vocals and is pairing it with some sweet neon colors that got left in the 80’s.  Plus Big Rob, the notorious Jonas Brothers bodyguard, has a cameo and spits some of his own rap in the video.  Get ready to Bounce with Nick and the crew and enjoy one of the best Jonas Brothers YouTube videos to date.


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It is disseminating the rumor that once Kevin Jonas gets married to fiance Danielle Deleasa he will be going out the Jonas Brothers – stranding Nick and Joe to take a stab at solo careers.

According to versions Nick has already planned his solo tour for 2010.

But Kevin has made clear that he has no plans to start a family with Danielle right away.

Danielle even toured with the group this year and can do the same in the future.

Exposing the gossip, E! Online’s Ken Baker wrote on Twitter: “A source tells me: Nick Jonas secretly working on solo album. May tour alone in 2010.”

Baker then added Jonas Brothers would not split if Nick released the record. “JB is not ending or even breaking. Just a side project between JB albums…” he said.

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