Will “Goat” Elevate Nick Jonas to an A List Actor?

Posted on | January 27, 2016 | No Comments

Goat, starring Ben Schnetzer and Nick Jonas, recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to solid reviews. The film, based on the memoir by Brad Land, centers around Brad (Schnetzer), a college freshman who was viciously beaten by carjackers three months prior. Brad pledges his older brother Brett’s (Jonas) fraternity and is subjected to serious hazing by members, including Brett.

Nick Jonas Goat

Courtesy: Sundance

This isn’t your Disney Nick Jonas. His character features some dark spots—binge-drinking, snorting cocaine, having sex—that viewers aren’t accustomed to seeing from the actor. And he pulls it off well, giving a strong, powerful performance. It’s the kind of execution which should—and most likely will—bring forth numerous top tier film roles. If Jonas can continue this rise, could he become an A list actor in Hollywood?


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