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nick-jonas1Jonas Brothers member Nick Jonas will release solo album next year, but the boy-band will stay unitedly. Mother Denise Jonas spills the beans to Parade.

Most teens feel the superfluity of their moms talking about them to other people. But, for Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, that talk is on a lordlier scale—like having your mom blab to the media about your new solo project.

Parade Magazine released quotes from its upcoming weekend issue today, including Mrs. Jonas spilling the beans on Nick’s new gig.

“Nick is working on a solo act—it’s called Nick Jonas and The Administration. Shhh! He’s at the photo shoot for the album cover right now,” Denise Jonas gabbed.

In reply, the Jonas Brothers Website affirmed that the other bandmembers do support their brother, and that no, the band is not breaking up. “We are ALL excited about this project AND what we are doing TOGETHER! We plan to make music together for as long as we can,” Joe, Nick and Kevin blogged on their site.

The Disney-sponsored brother band made its acting debut on Hannah Montana, and several stars from Disney shows and movies have gone on to be megastars, admitting Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale. But, the brothers better watch out: it looks arising up Disney means growing up a little faster.

Various Disney stars have gone on to lead out-of-control lives, letting in Spears and Lohan. While Tisdale admitted to a nose job to fix a diverged septum, Lohan is speculated to have had breast augmentation and multiple lip injections (not to mention issues with alcohol abuse).

Britney also may have featherbedded in both procedures, and has complained about her post-baby body, with a friend telling in InTouch Weekly that she desired liposuction on her thighs, which she considered “too fat.” At least her hair looks good.

But, unlike these stars, Nick has his brothers to share the spotlight and keep any wild behavior in check.

Nick’s new album is set to release in early 2010.


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