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58740761This year, Joe Jonas ceased straightening his hair, a life selection we approved of as soon as we pointed out it. We loved him going au naturale and embracing his hair’s natural curl (a move all his brothers had already been doing). Still, with his new do, we are crushing even more difficult on the 20-year-old pop star.

Joe is rocking a new shorter haircut. We are calling it babelicious. The messy shorter hairstyle is likely the most mature and most beautiful way the singer has worn his hair yet.

Although the other two Jonas Brothers have yet to tweet about Joe’s latest style choice (although they did remember to tweet about their show in the Dominican Republic, the Yankees victory and wrapping up “Camp Rock 2”), we do remember fondly an interview we did with Joe and his brothers over the summer where Kevin in short affected upon his brother’s decision to change his hair from his once signature pin-straight locks.

“You know what happened?” eldest brother, Kevin explained to MTV News. “One day he went to the beach and just like the salt water I think it messed up your hair because it all of a fulminant became curly.”

So, what happened this time? Did he walk into some hedge clippers and suddenly have shorter hair?

What do you think? Is Joe’s new, shorter hair a step in the right direction, or do you miss his curly locks?


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