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joe_jonas2Joe Jonas has lifelike ability to make the ladies faint, but things neared X-rated at a concert in Connecticut when the singer’s pants malfunction.

The 20-year-old faced a wardrobe malfunction while executing, reports It wasn’t until the button holding his pants popped midway through the band’s performance, leaving Joe a bit “red-faced”.

Joe Jonas who normally works out before a show to keep up with the high energy on the stage unquestionably wasn’t trained to bare all to his lady fans.

“Things went from bad to worse when his fly unravelled, forcing him to hold his trousers up with one hand and croon into his mic with the other,” the report said before a stagehand finally came to the rescue with a paper clip, leaving fans with nothing more than what was rehearsed.

Jonas, recently spotted running for a Cure with brother Nick, is a fitness buff. He is often seen working out at his gym in L.A. and refueling before and after workouts with smoothies and shakes.

“Joe’s an exercise addict,” blogs Seventeen magazine. “Especially on the road. He makes sure he works out before every show and does it with one of their security guys, who he calls “The Commish.”

Of his security workout buddy, Joe told Seventeen, “He’s really ripped and in very good condition. I like to go running, so he usually goes with me and always pushes me to the limit.”

When he’s not pumping out cardio, Joe also lefts weights and relies on resistance training to sculpt his most, fan-favored assets like his abs and biceps.

“He says working out before a show gets him pumped for the performance — if you’ve ever seen the Jonas Brothers in concert, you know it works. Their shows are as high energy as it gets,” says the mag.


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