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jonas_brothers4OMJ!  Jonas Brothers never let down when it comes to making their fans laugh and the most recent YouTube video is proof of that.  In between taping their hit Disney show Jonas, doing to sold out arenas and aiding their brother Kevin Jonas get wedding contingents in order, The Jonas Brothers detected time to make an all new, outrageously funny new YouTube video.  After viewing the new video Bounce, you will never look at Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Demi Lovato the same ever again!

The Jonas Brothers left us with a treat this weekend when they posted their new homemade video titled Bounce starring the boys and their bestie Demi Lovato.  Like always, we are furnished speechless after viewing this over the top spoof rap.  Somewhat unrecognizable, Nick Jonas leads the pack wearing over-sized aviators and a super sweet 70’s style mustache.   If you have difficulty picking Nick out, you will never spot Joe Jonas who is wearing an American flag getup and a super long wig.

jb_bounce1Disney sweetheart Demi Lovato is presenting her amazing vocals and is pairing it with some sweet neon colors that got left in the 80’s.  Plus Big Rob, the notorious Jonas Brothers bodyguard, has a cameo and spits some of his own rap in the video.  Get ready to Bounce with Nick and the crew and enjoy one of the best Jonas Brothers YouTube videos to date.


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