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jonas_brothers1In a recent interview with “Popstar!” The Jonas Brothers talked about their competitiveness. Joe explicated that Nick’s wildness comes out when he is performing on stage, the same as it does when he is playing sports like tennis or baseball. Nick agreed and added, “I become superhuman when it comes to competition.”

Nick then went on to say that it didn’t truly matter what sport he was playing because he is the better at everything! He claimed, “Any sort of sport, if I want to win, all of a sudden I can just do anything. At the Disney Channel Games, we desired to win so I just started pushing this competition we had to do and it’s just so fun. I’m competitive at everything in life. Anything I can win at.”

Like Nick, Joe is also very competitive. He said, “When it gets to it, I just want to win.” Joe also accepted that Kevin has all the brains in the family. “Kevin is the smartest for sure, he brings the smarts to the table,” Joe said.

So how did the three brothers fair in a recent wiffle ball game with Selena, Demi and Miley? While Kevin claimed he didn’t take the game seriously “because they are girls,” Nick was slightly more critical. He jokingly said, “Selena’s not a very good pitcher, but its fine.” Joe, always the good sport, defended his former teammate. “I’m so proud of her!” he shouted.


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