Jonas Brothers meet the Long Haul Bombers

Posted on | September 25, 2009 | No Comments

jonas-brothersRED WING — A mass text message was sent out by a passerby at the softball field where the Jonas Brothers were celebrating Nick’s 17th birthday last Wednesday.

A huge crowd soon gathered in right field of the little athletic complex in Toronto, where the boy circle is currently filming “Camp Rock: The Final Jam.”

The Jonas Brothers’ father, Kevin Sr., inquired the group for some privacy for the low-key, 40-person gathering. But the reaction he found from the group of middle-aged men surprised him.

“They were like, ‘Oh, we are here to see the Long Haul Bombers,'” said Red Wing’s Rich Buck, who was among the Bombers fled in as celebrity guests for the occasion. “They had no thought the Jonas Brothers were there.”

The Long-Haul Bombers are a softball team that contends in home run competitions prior to Major League Baseball games. Buck, 37, took his cuts in San Diego, Seattle, Cincinnati, Toronto, Colorado and Minnesota this summer. His two-man Miken team gained the championship for the second straight year, while he completed sixth individually with 52 home runs. The competition finished in August.

The Jonas Brothers — Paul, Joe and Nick Jonas — have a pop band and star in a Disney Channel TV show.


Nick Jonas, who’s a big softball fan, had asked for a new bat for his birthday. Before long, a representative at Softball 360 had turned that request into a full-fledged outing for the Long Haul Bombers. Four hitters were reached on Tuesday. They flew up to Toronto and played on Wednesday before bringing back home on Thursday.


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