Joe Jonas reveals he likes to raid show’s wardrobe department

Posted on | September 17, 2009 | No Comments

2f3f47da-36f0-4daa-8e69-0cf60c436c64Jonas Brothers star Joe Jonas has exposed that he frequently takes home the clothes he wears on set. Joe, 20, is starring in new TV show, Jonas, with his brothers Nick, 17, and Kevin, 21, and accepted that he wishes to raid the wardrobe department on the show. Asked if there has been anything the brothers have wanted to take home from the show’s wardrobe, Joe said: “Actually, last night or two nights ago, I was departing to dinner and I didn’t have anything nice to clothing, so I ran in the wardrobe room and picked something out.” He also said that each sibling has his own signature style in the show. Joe said: “I think for me, my signature thing is that I have a bracelet that I invariably wear. Nick likes really nice watches and ties, and Kevin’s more of a boots guy.”


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