Jonas Brothers Talk ‘Poison Ivy’

With the rumors that the single “Paranoid” was written about Taylor Swift, it’s only natural that the media (and fans) will continue to wonder if future Jonas Brothers songs will be about specific people. This time: “Poison Ivy.”  Says Nick: “It’s a song about how something may not be too good for you, but you […]

Jonas Brothers on the 5:19 Show

Absolutely hilarious.

Jonas Brothers on BBC Switch

The Jonas Brothers stopped by the BBC Switch show to play “How low can JoBros go?”, a limbo contest.  Here’s the video:

Jonas Brothers to Spend the Summer in the Hamptons?

Rumors are abound that the Jonas Brothers plan on spending the summer in the Hamptons.  According to Newsday, the Brothers could be renting a place called ‘Sandcastle’, which has everything from a recording studio to a two-lane bowling alley to a half-pipe for skateboarding For the reported price of $500,000 for two weeks, I hope […]

Riot Police Needed in Lima Peru for the Jonas Brothers

Maybe that comparison to the Beatles wasn’t so crazy after all. Riot police were called to the Jonas Brothers hotel in Lima, Peru after a flood of female fans stormed the building. In addition to securing the hotel, police had to cordon off surrounding streets. The Brothers, taking it in good stride said, We just […]

Fans Get a Little Crazy on the Jonas Brothers Set

It must be tough being a star. All of the women want to grab at you, touch you, even flash you. According to a report from the National Enquirer, the Brothers were on set when a group of ladies flashed them and held up a sign that said “Take us…We’re Yours!!” Security quickly escorted the […]

Jonas Fan Site Interviews Jonas Brothers

The girls over at have put up part I of their interview with the guys.  Here it is:

Jonas Brothers songs to be in new Disney Sing it Game

Disney has announced a new version of its Disney Sing It karaoke game, according to DigitalTechNews.  Due out this fall, the new version will showcase 30 songs and videos from a wide range of artists, including the Brothers. Check out the link above for the list of new features.  The game is due out this […]

Jonas Brothers Rock it in the Bahamas!

Katie and Karleigh over at Jonasbrothersfan have some great shots of the Jonas Brothers concert they attended in the Bahamas. Check out their gallery here.

Jonas Brothers Singing ‘Paranoid’ Live in the Bahamas

Here’s the first live footage of the Jonas Brothers singing their new single “Paranoid.”

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