Fans Upset With Nick Jonas After He Poses For Cigar Magazine

Nick Jonas posted an Instagram photo of himself on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. As the first person under 30 to ever grace the cover, it’s a pretty big deal. Only some of his fans didn’t take too kindly to Nick smoking a cigar. Here is a sample of some of the negative responses: […]

Joe Jonas Rocks a Justin Bieber T-Shirt at the U.S. Open

It appears that Joe Jonas is a Belieber. While attending a tennis match at the U.S. Open, Jonas was spotted wearing t-shirt sporting a picture of Justin Bieber. But there’s more to the story: The picture of Bieber featured the singer wearing a–get this–Jonas Brothers tee! So it was a shirt within a shirt within […]


Always curios what the Jonas Brothers mom must be thinking these days as her boys deal with megastardom? Turns out she is conceiving about some of the same things we “regular” moms are – how to keep the clan close, which battles to wage with the kids and which to blank out and so on. […]

The Jonas Brothers headed for bachelor party

The Jonas Brothers are led for big brother Kevin’s bachelor party. Kevin Jonas is getting married to his fiancee Danielle Deleasa soon. For the wedding Kevin has picked his two brothers as the best man. Both Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas will also go to the bachelor party. Nick and Joe assured to people magazine, […]

Fly with Me Music Video Live

Jonas Brothers’ new music video for “Fly With Me” off the upcoming album Lines, Vines and Trying Times in stores June 16th!

Exclusive Jonas Brothers Concert Launched at

“Before the Storm” sung by Nick and Miley Cyrus

Here’s a preview of the new song from the album “Before the Storm” sung by Nick and Miley Cyrus.

Jonas Brothers Taking a Break

Here is a candid video of Jonas Brothers taking a break from their exhausting rehearsals.

Jonas Brothers talk south park, getting flashed by fans, and more…

This interview was taken last May 2009 with radio station 97.1

Bruno Comments on the Jonas Brothers

He’s apparently a huge fan. Check out the video:

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